Everything you need to know about romance scams

Dating apps are a great way to meet rewarding people. The flip side is that users are in a relatively vulnerable position. It takes courage to show who you really are on your profile, to strike up a conversation, or to ask a Match if they want to meet you in person. Most dating app users are well-meaning. Unfortunately, a small percentage use dating apps to take advantage of sincere people through romance scams. That's why we want to make sure you have everything you need to be able to protect yourself when dating online, and introduce you to the tools Wawachat has in place to help you. What is a romance scam?  A romance scam is when a person pretends to have feelings for someone in order to gain financial advantage. The scammer manipulates his victim's emotions by pretending to be interested in a real relationship with her/him. Romance scams can be committed online or in real life. How to recognize it?  Here are some red flags that may alert you: Catfishing Your Match's pr